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Sharing knowledge through bubbles

Infact is a tool for building interactive zooming mind map presentations. You get a clear view and you can choose to further investigate large amount of content as “bubbles”. The system uses image-based learning, where comprehensive texts and interactive illustrations are combined to create pedagogical designed so called knowledge scenes. There are predesigned templates for knowledge scenes to choose from: interactive animations, video, slide show, timeline or article. Infact facilitates the online collaborative work of publishing, editing, fact investigation and translation. You will immediately see the result and get productions quickly out on the web. Therefore, as a producer, you can concentrate your resources on the content.

The Infact tool is available in Swedish and English. Infact it is easy to work with, but requires an installation. Are you interested in using the tool to create your own Infacts? Dowload at SourceForge or contact us.
The story behind Infact

It all started in January 2002 with New Biology, an awareness raising science communication platform on genomics. This work resulted in the production New biology, but also in a method of presenting large amounts of facts in an interesting way. The concept was developed by Danil Lundbäck, Swedish Research Council, headed by Lars M Nilsson, Project Manager for New Biology. The interactive mind map-navigation is designed by Adam Somlai-Fischer, founder of Prezi. Both production and concept of New Biology was donated to forskning.se 2003.

2004 we changed the name to Infact and the years that followed we produced three different but similar productions: Behold the Brain (2005), Baltic Sea (2006) and The Planet (2007). Infact received great appreciation and praise, and we had many requests to do other "Infacts" and many questions whether it was possible to get access to the tool for other use.
The Infact tool

The Steering Committee of forskning.se decided to develop a more user-friendly publishing tool for Infact. Forskning.se is operated by ten research institutions and the Swedish universities. Because the financing is done by public funds, it has been decided that the code for Infact shall be open so that others may benefit from this tool, and help develop it further. Even though Infact originally is designed for the presentation of research, it works just as well for other purposes, to create learning objects in education, visualize complex relationships, present organizations or projects.

Since 2014 SNH runs Infact.se. Marketing of the tool and operating the Infact Forum is done in collaboration with the University of Gävle.


The Planet


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